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No child without sport


The most important thing first. "No child without sport!" - we want to offer every child the opportunity to do sports with us. For this reason, membership fees must not be an obstacle. Contact us! We treat your request confidentially.

help for ukraine

We would like to invite all refugees from Ukraine to take part in our diverse sporting activities in our association. You are very welcome to be active in one of our teams (e.g. soccer junior/senior, gymnastics junior/senior, yoga, hyrox, kung fu, etc.) and groups and to exchange ideas with your neighbors and people from the area. Due to the circumstances, we have decided to offer free membership to all Ukrainian citizens who would like to participate. Please just send a message to the following email address and do not hesitate to write in Ukrainian because we will translate it and do our best to find a solution and help you proceed: ssv-

The membership fee


An overview of the membership fees can be found in every membership application.

Are you interested in a membership?


Have you decided to become a member of one of our many divisions? Then you can download the membership application here and then fill it out and send it to our office or send a scan of the signed document to our email address Each application must be accompanied by a signed and completed data protection clause. For the KUNG FU course we charge an additional fee of EUR 25.00 on top of the regular membership fee. You can find the relevant membership application here . If you have decided on the FOOTBALL division, please fill out the following application, which you can find here .

your contact person

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